Shopping for socks and jocks is very boring.

For years the men of Australia have had a secret truce. We are not to buy socks or jocks - under any circumstances. If we leave it long enough mum, nan or our partner will restock our top drawer. Hoping to hit the jackpot at our birthday or Christmas we make do with ripped, saggy and daggy socks and jocks.

Then things started to fall apart. We were wearing torn jocks on a date. We’d have holes in our gym socks. And for some reason, we didn’t have one pair of matching socks. 

If only we had a never-ending supply of socks and jocks. And all our socks were exactly the same, so we would never have odd pairs again.

So we decided to start Nice Buns Club, which is exactly that. 

We send you a fresh new pair of jocks and socks to your door every month.

 Welcome to the future baby.

But we couldn’t just send you out the cheapest, nastiest cotton socks and jocks. We had to make sure we actually wanted to wear them every day because they were the best, not just convenient. So we decided to make them from bamboo, for two reasons. 

1- Bamboo is bloody soft and comfy. 

2 - Bamboo is less invasive to the environment than cotton.

Along the journey, we also learnt that jocks and socks are among the most requested items in homeless shelters. When we heard this, we knew we had to do something about it.  

We believe everyone should have access to clean socks and jocks. So for every new subscription, we donate a fresh pair of each to a local shelter or community group.

These donations are received by some of the most vulnerable people in our community - people who are homeless, are seeking asylum, or need emergency disaster relief. 

By joining the Nice Buns Club, you're supporting someone in need.

❤️ From

Kieran & the NBC team

Your new jocks and socks will arrive in 100% recyclable packaging.